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Coffee Beans Car Perfume Home Office Natural Roasted , Nice Aroma Long Lasting, Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
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Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 18 cm x 2 cm
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- Freshly roasted Indonesia Toraja Coffee with a strong aroma
- Hand roasted by our barista 
- Hand packed into Jute sack / Guni / Coffee bag reuse which comes with the coffee beans, no plastic:-), no wastage
- Perfect for small space like car, bathroom, your bedroom, store or anywhere you would like:-)
- The larger area needs two bags & more
- Long-lasting about 2 to 3 months in our personal experience.
- All-natural, absolutely no chemical 
- After the aroma went off, reuse the Guni & throw to beans to your plant as fertilizer:-)


Perfect for stylish home office needs, a touch of nature
Ultra-portable, you can carry anyway, light-weight & robust

Freshly roasted coffee bean perfume, wake you up driving your daily commute to office:-)

The Smell of Coffee Elicits Good Feelings Without The Caffeine:-)

Smells can trigger good feelings, memories, and even trauma, so it is no wonder that the smell of coffee triggers feelings of wakefulness. Coffee drinkers smell the coffee, and this signals the brain that caffeine is indeed on the way, which provides stimulation.

The results suggest that smelling a coffee-like scent, despite having no caffeine in it, affects similar to drinking coffee in part due to the participants' expectations, suggesting a placebo effect of coffee scent.

"It's not just that the coffee-like scent helped people perform better on analytical tasks, which was already interesting," commented lead researcher Professor Adriana Madzharov. "But they also thought they would do better, and we demonstrated that this expectation was at least partly responsible for their improved performance

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1 x Coffee Perfume Bag

1 x Protective